Another Not Lit Christmas Eve

Yet again, the squad set out to enjoy another Christmas Eve like it’s 2012. Alas, another failed attempt; for me at least. Much of the night was spent… planning the night. In the end, I came to the realization that, much like Trix, Grand Market is for kids.

Eric, Mandeville

The night began with the mandem congregating at Lazarus’ Plaza to blaze and plan the evenings shenanigans.

Talks of making a move to Junction were laughed off, but eventually, through mild peer pressure (and a generous gas donation), we made the move. Onward to the place where KFC is a myth and Juice Beef is a luxury to be cherished.

“I have arrived” – A text message I sent to a new and very interesting friend (and possibly my cousin), Suzanna Missenberger. Junction, St. Elizabeth. I never liked this place. Junction was never lit. But we are here, and I quickly come to the conclusion that I am too old for this shit. Buggu yagga music & marijuana filled the air. Adolescent teens consuming liquor and dry humping each other. Not my ting, seen? I dapped up the friends then proceed to sleep in my car.

A night well spent.

Well, it was a night. And I definitely spent. Too much money.


2 thoughts on “Another Not Lit Christmas Eve

  1. Ma dude!
    Your night photos are my EVERYTHING. How is it possible to get that much contrast in the dark tho? And How’d you manage to make boring Mandeville actually look lit?!


    Liked by 1 person

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