McAvellé was attractive. Smooth dark skin with plump lips that had a Cupid’s Bow to die for. We first met in 2014 through a mutual friend. We became friends. Two months in, she wanted me to take her photo. I wanted to take her photo. Perfect. We were supposed to go to a river. That never happened. We ended up boolin’ in my untidy but cozy one room shack. She started changing into the fit. Time to let this flash go off.


Good body. I like what I see. I’m decent, so I don’t touch. Playful nervous conversation continues. My eyes tracing along all the curves. She’s a pengting, seen?


She strip. I snap. Fit lit. Eye trap. Floral one piece swimsuit. Curves hug up well tight, y’zimmi! Flash firing on rapid. This girl is attractive. I tell her she ‘looks alright’. Dishonest jest. What an evening. Here’s what followed.

Stir well and enjoy.


We no longer speak. I had to end our friendship due to the high levels of fuckery being kept up. Again I say, another story, another time. Maybe.

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