Hotel In Kingston


I had never done a music video before but I was eager to try my hand at the filming and directing combo. Purpmiya sends me a track and it’s fire.

He wants my creative hands on the visuals. I’m inspired.

Ideas don’t usually come to me until I actually start working on a project. It’s around 9PM and I’d been chillin’ with a friend at UWI. It’s almost time to start shooting. I bid my farewells and head to The Marriott Hotel in New Kingston. Still no clue what to do.


We needed girls, but It’s almost midnight. Studies show that at this hour, 86% of girls are either asleep, or out participating in hoe activities.

A couple of promo girls just coming from a night at work are who we could get our hands on. Haffi mek it work.

Eyes heavy and body woozy. I load up the Canon and start with the shooting. Shots fired in the hotel lobby and everywhere else. Nothing fully scripted. Do dis, do dat. Perfect. Do it again. Speeding to another location. Doing 120km/h in the 80km/h zone. Race ting. Shots fired on the airport strip. Lit Lit Lit. It’s done… The smoke clears…

Here’s the final product:


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