Spring Green

“Woah, Who dat?” – My first thought when I saw you walk into the lecture room. I may have said something to that effect out loud as well.


You’re interesting. Sometimes you look like Angela Bassett. Other times you look like SZA. I like seeing you. Such pleasant energy. Good vibes, seen? A pleasure to observe. Still, I don’t know you very well. It would be nice to. From the little I do know, you’ve been done wrong. Yet you carry on with such charm. Strength? This makes me wonder about a few things.


I wonder, who wouldn’t do everything in their power to keep a good person in their life? Well, sometimes you just pick up the wrong puzzle piece. This is your first puzzle and you’re excited. You kinda know it’s the wrong piece but you try anyways; and you try for longer than you should. Months. Years. Turning it every way to see if it fits. Alas, it’s clear you’ve picked up the wrong piece and it’s time to search for another.


Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time. Sometimes you meet the wrong person at the right time. People aren’t always in the right place when you meet them. I’ve experienced this. Timing is key.


Whoever did you wrong might be missing out. Or maybe they’re not. Who knows? I don’t. I only know so much. My so much is so little. Surface things. Time…

What I do know is that you’re adorable. Dimples and all. I remember you saying you’re kind of in a love/hate relationship with your body. The reasons I know not. For I am in a strong and healthy love-filled relationship with your body. We have several children. More on the way. House. Land. Cars. Joined accounts. The works.

PS: The whereabouts of your pants are still unknown. Very spooky. Keep better track of your possessions. Pants, shoes, cups, your heart. It’s a sad ting to have this stuff go missing. Sad ting.

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