Alpine Compound

You’re on SoundCloud. The track you searched for finished playing. Algorithms shuffle to another related track. 808’s slide tackle your tympanic membrane and high-hats slice up your cochlea. Clean sounds. Professional. You think it’s safe to assume these sounds came out of big studio. Big control panel. Big A/C unit. Big front desk. Big building. Bare tings. Lol, no still.


Block C. Chancellor Hall. UWI, Mona. Kingston. A room with a red light. Equipped with a PC and a pair of KRK Rokit 5 G3 studio monitors. The sounds come from here (among other places). Nothing fancy. Functional.

Alpine Compound makes do with what they have. A small room, wires everywhere. Cozy. Saturday night link-up with mandem for a cook sesh. One by one, the team rolls through. Supplying constructive criticism and uplifting remarks. Mary Jane is present. Hotbox ting.


The talent and skill present in this room is prevalent. All being put to use in the name of expression and entertainment. Here are a few members of the collective:


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