Barbie Doll


Talk slick for the kids in the way. I’ve got about three side hoes in the condo, and they all want a piece of the game. I could give two fucks about a bitch in the shadows. Three months and they all want to talk now. I’m a changed ass kid for the heat now. I’ve got your main ass bitch on speed dial. About three damn fucks I don’t give now.

Why are they talking for the thousandth time? Bitch, know your place. I got some shit to do and niggas stay all in my case. That’s when I look to you. Ass so fat I’m such a fool. Nigga please don’t look my way. I don’t know where to go. People talking on the low. Lots to show, that’s how you know. I’ve been that kid from head to toe. Why you always talking slow? I got plenty other bitches. Fuck the snitches. I don’t want no business with any fucking fools. Cash, I’m getting, 24/7. Bitch ass niggas trying to take my setting. Pussy ass kids trying to break my cool. No respect for the trends I’m setting. You don’t know my code name. Stole your bitch, she’s so lame. Tried to switch. That’s okay. I’ll catch you fucked up one day.

We’re lowkey, but I fuck her with the lights on. Look back see the cops got the chase on. Got the whole damn place on. I’m outside on the fence put the tape on. Don’t try my side, nigga. Can’t trust no fuck nigga. Drop top. Pink lights in the bag. She’s never going to fuck for the cash. Because she’s so sexy. She stays flexing. I stay flossing. She’s just so unfair. I don’t really care. Got my niggas. I don’t press triggers. I stay pretty. You’re a trifling hoe. Ditch your trifling soul. Ditch it.

Check the board, I’m a colder man. Check the rink, I’m a colder man. Lots of ice I’m a colder man. I see the bitch. I want to hold her, man. Check yourself. Thought I told you, man. Check the bands on my shoulder, man. I’m a colder man.

Night Lovell – “Barbie Doll”

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