Just Tryna…

Thinking that I never really changed the city? Man, you niggas need to get laid out. Mind full of shit. Never got the pain out. I was a quiet ass kid but I’m insane now. Stayed to myself but I’m okay now. Bitches trying to test but I’m lost in the clouds.


Girl I’m just trying to stay the night and make your ass feel nice. I’m just trying to take your panties off and slide my shit inside. I’m just trying to do so many things and that’s no fucking lie. If only I could tell you why them titties make me feel alive.


See my nigga fucking in the stall. Don’t even know the name. Shit. He met her at the mall (What the fuck?). Know that I be back in a minute just to see that you ain’t never really tried to fucking call. Fuck it. I’m still a god in the mother fucking area. Niggas trying to break my barrier. Give no fucks for the shit being played I’m oblivious to niggas with the camera.


Night Lovell – “Just Tryna (feat. Dylan Brady)”

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