We met in high school. Crush ting. Been friends ever since. You’re full of life. Active. Good body. You’re definitely a weird one. Good weird. I’ve been taking your photo for some time now. Years actually. Now we’ve finally done a shoot.


You’re a strong one. You handle your struggles well. Positive. Exuding good vibes. You seem to know yourself. So mature, but still playfully hold on to childish tendencies. You brought your teddy bear with us to the rive. A bit odd, but that’s okay. We’re all kids at heart. Some of just are just afraid to show it.


Splish. Splash. Sploosh. The river is cold today. Any other girl would’ve went home. Not you. You’re brave. Goosebumps on your skin. Nipple dem a jook out mi eye. It’s always a pleasure taking your photo. Always camera ready. Never hiding. You’re proud of that strong body. So am I.

So. Am. I.



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