God tinG

See no evil.

Anchor Studio, 9PM on a Saturday niGht. Air condition on full blast but the flames from the speakers will keep your ears warm. Spitting these flames is none other than di awtiss himself, Runkus.


This lyrical mastermind/melodic Genius prefers not to work in the presence of too many people. Just the key folks. Too many people in the creative space isn’t ideal. All that’s really necessary are the workman and his tools.


There are others amonG him. Manager, Travis-John Bailey (@wenGikofiaconsult), and vocalist, Chenée Daley (@anomyyyy).


A 3 hour session spent fine-tuninG a track I cannot Give any details about. What I can say is that it’s a track off the upcominG project for 2017. Don’t ask questions. Just wait on it.

Shh. God tinG.

Don’t forGet the capital “G”.







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