Hail Who Hail You

About 15 years ago, I went to summer day camp in New York. There I met Dorian. He and I became friends. All summer we were paired up on field trips. My bad chargie dat.

Summer camp ends and we part ways. I return home and tell all my friends about my summer in New York. The shenanigans and tom foolery I partook in with Dorian. Hype ting.

Next summer is here and I return to the same day camp. First day and ting. People are still rolling in. I see a few familiar faces. No Dorian as yet.

Soon enough, Dorian steps in. So I exclaim “Ayyy, my old friend Dorian!” and stretch my hand out to hail this youth. This youth looked me dead in my face and walks right by me. Everyone is looking. I am shook. This youth who’s hand I held on field trips (campers under 10 had to hold hands n shit) is now pretending as if he doesn’t know me. Shooketh.

This occurrence still affects me today. I do not hail a soul unless I am first acknowledged. I do not claim anyone I don’t know on a certain personal level and my friend. Constant fear of embarrassment keeps me in check.

Hail who hail you.


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