Life’s different when you grew up ugly. Even after the glow up. Things are still… ugly. Last pick. The other option. Alternative. Backup. The compromise choice. That’s you. Being ugly comes with demons. Demons conjured up by friends, foes, and family. And these demons are hard to kill. You can run but you cannot hide for they will find you. You can build a fortress. But they will find a way in.


Slaying these demons is a task for the strong. A battle for the mighty. A fight for the resilient. No easy feat this is. Others will be caught in the crossfire of this battle. Loved ones. Casualties. They’ll understand. Or not.

Sometimes the loved ones aid in the conjuring of these demons. And the demons conjured by these loved ones are the biggest. The strongest. The mightiest. For they were created inside your fortress. Where you lay your weaknesses. And these weaknesses become the demons strengths. And your fight is that much harder.


And the demons conjured by these loved ones hit the hardest. They are the most destructive. They hit where it hurts. Because… yes… they were made inside your fortress. They know you. And knowing you is a great power to have. For you are the greatest weapon against yourself. Only you can destroy you.

Everyone sees demons. Only you see yours. And they are ugly.



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