Dubwise ft. Chronixx & Friends


From Jamaican English; dub (music with the bass instrumental parts emphasized) +‎ -wise


dubwise (comparative more dubwisesuperlative most dubwise)

  1. (chiefly Jamaica) Having a strong drum-led bassline.

If you missed it then you missed something big. Eventful. Hype. Cultural. Lit.

Thankfully I was there. Therefore four minus one that’s three quick maffs… Therefore I saw everything, Now you can too. Protoje. Popcaan. Runkus. Royal Blu. Jah9. Giark. Lila Ike. Leno Banton. Dre Island. Naomi. Irie Souljah. Ragga Muffin. Sevanna. Kabaka Pyramid.

Mad Ting.

Stir well & Enjoy.

Full album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm8YJPUf

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